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Lauren Shaw wearing a leather jacket | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skincare
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As a humble Kiwi, living in LA, Lauren Shaw has a long-line-up of film + TV appearances.

She’s graced our screens in Lucifer, Jungle Cruise, Station 19, Amsterdam, Euphoria, Grace + Frankie, Jane the Virgin + Outrageous Fortune ~ to name but a few.

But chances are, you haven’t spotted her… Believe us, we tried really hard when the Adashiko HQ team flocked to our local cinema to indulge in the most anticipated movie of the year + awaken that childhood Barbie nostalgia.

Lauren Shaw on the Barbie film set | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skincare

Photo Credit: Tim Regas / SplashNews


Lauren’s career as a stunt double is an essential one. While, most recently, she’s played Margot Robbie’s stunt double (as Stereotypical Barbie in the Real World / LA scenes) ~ we like to think of her as Superhero Barbie. Or perhaps, just a superhero ~ full-stop. Stepping in to perform the most dangerous + physically demanding scenes, protecting actors from potential injuries, or ~ most importantly ~  to inspire girls around the world to be extraordinary.

Lauren Shaw on the film set of the Barbie movie | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skincare

Photo Credit: Tim Regas / SplashNews


Clean food, skincare + supplements support Lauren’s active + busy lifestyle. And for the last 2 years, after hearing New Zealand friends rave about our collagen,  Adashiko has played an integral part in her considered wellness rituals.

Pour yourself your drink of choice + take 5 minutes with us. We got chatting to Lauren back in June + now you can read our Q+A with her ~  where she touches on life as a stunt double, how collagen supports her recovery from injuries, joint mobility + skin, her daily rituals, what health + beauty means to her + what brings her inner peace.

This is the 12th piece in our series > Getting to Know the Lovers of Adashiko. We hope you enjoy the read as much as we loved the chat.

Current role: Stunt Double
Currently airing: Barbie: stunt double for Margot Robbie (in the Real World / LA scenes)
Upcoming: Family Leave: stunt double for Jennifer Garner, Pain Hustlers: stunt double Emily Blunt 

Star Sign: Aquarius 

Age: 41

Tell us about the stunt industry. How did you get into it? What does a day in the life of a stunt double look like for you? My first stunt job was 16 years ago, driving for a Mercedes commercial in Queenstown. Early on, most of my stunt jobs were horse or car jobs, + then over the years that evolved, although my favourite days are still the ones where I get to ride!
I was based in NZ until 10 years ago, when I made the jump over to Los Angeles.

A day in my life can vary hugely - I’d say there is no “normal” day for me at work!

As a stunt double, how important is full body wellness to you + how does Adashiko support your wellness? Taking care of my body is my #1 priority for me. Adashiko Collagen has been an integral part of that routine for over 2 years now; I don’t miss a morning without adding it to my coffee. It has made a huge difference in recovery from injuries, but also in my joint mobility + skin. I also really love the skincare for being gentle + nourishing; my skin can be sensitive + react to products, + Adashiko skincare is perfect for me.

What’s been your most memorable movie? It’s hard to pick just one! They are all memorable, for different reasons. The crew (+ cast!) that you get to work with behind the scenes is what really makes a job special to me. The TV series Lucifer will always remain one of my favourites; over 6 seasons, + through COVID, the cast + crew always felt like a family.

Must-have Adashiko Collagen + Skincare: Ultra + Joint Collagen Powder (+ collagen travel sachets!) Collagen Gel Cloth Masques, Collagen Balm, + the Collagen Hydra+ Gold Elixir for my face.

What benefits have you noticed since using / taking Adashiko? Speedy healing of injuries, + improvement in joint mobility + skin.

What’s your favourite way to take your collagen powder? Morning coffee! Although I also will pop it in a smoothie too.

As a busy woman who travels often, how do you ensure you get your daily dose of collagen
powder + stick to your skincare rituals when you’re on the go? I am a big fan of the collagen powder travel sachets! Makes life much easier when I’m travelling. I also love the refillable small containers for the skincare collection.

Aside from Adashiko, what can’t-live-without products might we find in your bathroom / kitchen: Definitely Sunscreen! I’d love to see an Adashiko sunscreen added to the skincare collection! I use a mushroom powder in my coffee with the collagen - I like Four Sigmatic’s 10 mushroom blend. I also take spirulina most days too - E3 Live Brain On is my favourite - the tablets are easy to take on the go.

Do you have any wellness rituals you practice daily? I try to drink lots of water!

What does health + beauty mean to you? To me, health is the ability to move with ease, + beauty is feeling nourished, inside + out.

What’s the most timeless health or beauty advice you’ve been given? Drink plenty of water, + wear sunscreen! (I ignored both of those for much of my life, but I’m working on consistency everyday!)

Who is your biggest inspiration? My daughter, Mia.

Currently >

Reading: Just finished the novel The house of Broken Angels - really enjoyed!
Watching: Just finished the second season of The Bear - also definitely recommend!

Favourite >

To cook: I love to cook, when I have time. Nagi at RecipeTinEats has been my go to for the best
recipes for 3 years now.
To dine: My favourite restaurant right now is Bar Monette in Santa Monica. If you are in LA, you have to go!

Favourite New Zealand location(s): Piha! I used to live at North Piha, + I miss the wild beauty of the land there. Castlepoint is a close second.

Bucket-list location anywhere in the world: If I had to just pick one, it would be NZ!

Favourite way to move your body? Barre/Pilates classes right now are what my body needs the most! Jaclyn Winters is one of my fav instructors; she has an online app too which is great for when I am travelling so I can stay consistent.

Favourite quote to share with Friends of Adashiko: “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have, + the decisions we waited too long to make.” ~ Lewis Carroll 

Lauren Shaw portrait image | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skincare

Photo Credit: Dennys llic


How do you want to be remembered by your closest family + friends? I hope that they felt supported, seen, + loved by me.

What brings you peace? A walk near the ocean with my dog. It's the little things!

Want to know more about Lauren ? Check her out here, or join her on Instagram > @iamlaurenshaw

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