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Adashiko Collagen Powder FAQs

What are the differences between Adashiko Pure, Ultra + Joint Collagen Powders?

All our collagen formulas have the same pure peptide porcine collagen base.

Our original formula ~ 100% natural, pure, high-potency peptide porcine collagen. Nothing more + nothing less.

has the same 100% natural, pure, high-potency peptide porcine as Pure, but we’ve added additional skin-loving ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, CoQ10, Vitamin C + Elastin for skin hydration + health + the coveted Adashiko glow.

has the same 100% natural, high-potency peptide porcine collagen as Pure + Ultra, but we’ve added additional joint-loving ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM + Dextrin to support the reduction of joint inflammation, pain + discomfort.

To truly create wellness from within, we knew we needed to go deep. Adashiko Collagen Powders include Type I, II + III for full health + beauty benefits + set us apart from other collagen powders on the market. Our collagen powders not only see to your hair, skin + nails but also support your joints, gut health + organs along with a host of other incredible skin + body benefits.Our Pure + Ultra formulas both contain Type I + III collagen + our Joint formula includes Type I, II + III collagen.Type I collagen is typically known for its beautifying effects on your hair, skin + nails ~ supporting skin suppleness + hydration.Type II collagen is specific to joint regeneration, helping to support arthritic conditions + protecting + rebuilding joint cartilage.Type III collagen goes internal ~ supplying your intestines, muscles, blood vessels, the uterus + supports gut healing + health.

Seeing + feeling improvement + and timing, will vary from person to person. Many of our customers report increased energy within several days.

Your hair + nails should start to become noticeably healthier + stronger within 3 weeks of taking our products on a daily basis. Your skin should start to show improvement around the same time.

At around the 3-month mark is where the real magic happens with the ease of joint pain + discomfort. Our customers report similar timeframes for skin ailments such as acne, eczema + dermatitis.

The most important factor is to remember that consistency is key. Ensure you take your daily dose of Adashiko Collagen Powder if you want to reap the benefits the quickest.

Yes! Adashiko Collagen Powders are bioavailable, highly-absorbable + heat stable. Lovers of Adashiko add their daily dose to their tea, coffee, smoothies, soups, morning oats, baking + snacks. Because our collagen is flavourless + odourless the options are endless. Collagen cocktail anyone?

Whilst we give you your RDI of high performance collagen powder with every serve, you can most certainly double the dosage if you wish. We would recommend in this instance that you take the Ultra in the morning + the Joint in the evening. Always ensure you take a full dose of each product to get the full benefits.

You can take our collagen powder at any time of the day, with or without food. Consistency is key! Any way in which you remember to take your collagen is the best way. For some it’s keeping their Adashiko by their kettle for their morning coffee (might we suggest stored in our stylish Reusable Stoneware Collagen Canister), for others it’s sipped away throughout the day in their water. Do what works for you.

Whilst we have a number of customers who take our collagen powders alongside various different medications, we always recommend that you speak with your healthcare professional first before adding Adashiko into your daily rituals.

Yes, Adashiko is a wonderful supplement to take whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in your body so giving your body a high performing collagen supplement as it changes to accommodate you + baby is a welcomed addition. Collagen also aids stretching skin + helps with hair loss also.

We have a number of children + young adults taking Adashiko Collagen Powders + using Adashiko Skincare with great results, in particular, supporting the symptoms of their eczema + aiding their acnegenic skin.

Of course! Adashiko is for everyone, everybody needs to supplement with collagen especially after the age of 25 when collagen begins to decrease.

Adashiko Collagen Powders are not just a beauty supplement but have full health benefits too. The Adashiko skincare collection also contains simple skin care solutions that men enjoy using. Joint Collagen Powder, Collagen Cleanse + Collagen + Noni Gel are a popular choice for men.

We recommend that you always keep your Adashiko Collagen in the original container (so the ingredients list can be inspected if necessary) + always put it into your checked luggage. Collagen Powder Travel Sachets + our try + travel mini sizes in our Collagen Skincare Discovery Kit make the perfect partners for travel.

No ~ no actual collagen product on the market can be vegan or vegetarian given that the ingredients are derived from an animal source. Whether that be marine (Adashiko Collagen Skincare), bovine or porcine (Adashiko Collagen Powders).

No ~ our Collagen Powders do not contain gluten or dairy.

No ~ you are just getting pure peptide hydrolysed porcine collagen, making it the most pure + potent on the market. This also differentiates us from many of our competitors ~ not all collagen is created equal. Adashiko is, quite simply, everything you need + nothing you don’t for health + beauty from the inside out.

Adashiko Skincare Range - product display | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skincare

Adashiko Skincare Range FAQs

Yes ~ we’ve developed our Skincare Discovery Kit for this reason. Your Adashiko Discovery Kit contains try + travel mini sizes of our coveted collagen skincare + signature bath salts.

Simply purchase the full-sized product + top up the mini try + travel pottles in your Skincare Discovery Kit to take with you when you travel. 20g Adashiko Collagen Cleanse bars are available through the size drop-down on the product page + sit perfectly inside the empty bath salts pottle.

Our recommendation is not to. While our marine collagen skincare is made from sustainably sourced fish + does not contain any shellfish, our marine collagen is processed in a factory that also produces shellfish products. Better to be safe than sorry!

Adashiko FAQs

Yes, while Adashiko HQ is based in New Zealand we do ship worldwide (with the exception of the UK).

We’ve put together all our current stockists, right here on our Adashiko Stockist page.

Please email us at + supply your order number (this will start with ADA) + your name / email address ~ we can then look into your parcel for you. However, please allow 3-4 business days for your parcel to arrive within New Zealand + 15-20 business days for international.

There may be a few reasons why your discount code isn’t working. It may be because your order needs to include a minimum order value or you may not be able to use your code on multi-buys or bundle kits. If you’re still having trouble, please email us at

Please email us at with your name + email address + we’ll send you an account reactivation link to log back into your account.

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