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Style aficionado, blogger, NZ Polo Open Ambassador, Dry & Tea + Art of Nails Ambassador + mum-to-be (congratulations gorgeous).

Spend 5 seconds scrolling the squares of Holly Estelle’s Instagram, and you won’t need to read her bio to know this is a woman who not only loves colour, but wears and shares it oh so well.  Documenting life in her 30’s, Holly’s well-known blog encompasses her take on lifestyle, health, beauty + fashion.

We first met Holly when she discovered Adashiko, about 5 years ago. Ours was one of the first collagen brands Holly had seen on the market and she was intrigued by the idea of using collagen in a less intrusive way than injectables. Having lived in Japan, Holly had an appreciation for their beauty products especially having been surrounded by so many beautiful older Japanese women during her time there. So Adashiko, quickly, became her collagen brand of choice.

Holly’s holistic approach to wellness is something we wholeheartedly get behind at Adashiko. You’ll often find her taking early morning walks along the beach, focusing on eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep , doing the things that make her happy and selecting supplements and skincare that promote a healthy approach to full-body wellness.  The way Holly so authentically lives and documents life in her 30’s is just one of the reasons we’re humbled to have her as a Lover of Adashiko.

We, recently, took 5 minutes with Holly to talk about her can’t-live-without products, wellness + skincare rituals, health + beauty advice + some of her favourite things. 

This is the second piece in a new series > Getting to Know the Lovers of Adashiko. We hope you enjoy the read as much as we loved the chat.

Current role: Content Integration Director

Star Sign: Aquarius

Age: 36

Must-have Adashiko Collagen + Skincare: Collagen Ultra every morning, Collagen Balm to nourish my lips every night, and a Collagen Gel Cloth Masque on a Sunday evening.

Holly Estelle - sitting on the beach | Adashiko Collagen

What benefits have you noticed since using Adashiko? My hair! Oh my gosh I constantly have new baby hairs that spike up on the top of my head! It honestly feels like I'm getting more hair rather than thinning hair as I get older. I’ve never had issues with my joints but I’m confident that by getting onto the collagen early I’m helping to support my joints as I age.

Aside from Adashiko, what other products might we find in your bathroom / kitchen: My Bondi Sand Pure gradual tan moisturiser and Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules. In the kitchen,  I’d have to say my Mortar and Pestle! 

Daily Skincare Ritual: Oil base face wash and Adashiko Collagen Cleanse bar (I always double wash). I switch out between retinol and the Collagen Hydra + Gold Serum during the week, Collagen + Noni Gel and a night moisturiser. I also rotate between my Bondi Sands gradual tan and the Collagen Ceramide Body Serum every few days to maintain my gradual tan.

Do you have any wellness rituals you practice daily? You’ll find me on early morning beach walks and soaking in a long bath at night.

What does health + beauty mean to you? Ultimately for me it's happiness. When I feel healthy I’m happy and when I’m happy I feel healthy. 

What’s a timeless piece of health or beauty advice you’ve been given? Wear sunscreen and make sure you have completely washed the day off each night!

Your biggest inspiration: Iris Apfel ~ she’s 100yrs old and fabulous.

Currently >

Reading: Can't say I am currently reading more than my work emails each day…

Watching:  Old seasons of Sex and the City in anticipation of moving onto, And Just Like That!

Favourite >

Eats: Italian

To cook: I love to make a lamb moussaka

To dine: Amano

Favourite New Zealand location: Far North, we spent time there over the new year and it was incredible!

Bucket-list location anywhere in the world: Amalfi Coast

Favourite way to move your body? Beach walks

Favourite quote to share: “Fashion has this youth mania. But 70yr olds don’t have 18yr old bodies and 18yr olds don’t have 70yr olds dollars.” Iris Apfel

How do you want to be remembered by your closest friends + family? Colourful, fun and fabulous.

What brings you peace? Being at the beach with my mum.

Want to know more about Holly? Head over to her Instagram > 

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