Adashiko Cosmetic Case - VIP Reward Gift 2022 | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skincare

Welcome to Adashiko Insider Loyalty Rewards

Join our loyalty programme + be the first to find out about special promos + new product launches + earn points to redeem on exclusive rewards.

How to earn Adashiko Insider points

~ Join the Adashiko Insider Programme ~ 250 starter points
~ Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend
~ Write + submit a review on our product pages + earn 50 points
~ Let us know your birthday + earn 200 points
~ Refer friends + family + you’ll earn 200 points for every referral you make + we’ll also send them $10 off their first purchase.

What are Adashiko Insider points worth

~ 500 points ~ receive a $5 off voucher
~ 1,500 points ~ receive a $25 off voucher
~ 2,000 points ~ receive a FREE Reusable Stoneware Collagen Powder Canister

Gold Rewards

~ 3,000 points ~ receive a $50 off voucher or Free Shipping for the remainder of the year
~ 5,000 points ~ receive a $150 off voucher + gift

*** Please note that when choosing your reward select whether it is for a "Standard Purchase" or an "Autoship Purchase" as they are not transferable ***

Reusable Ceramic Cannister sitting on benchtop lid off and spoon of collagen powder to the side | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skincare

Adashiko Insider FAQs

Adashiko Insider is our customer loyalty programme. A small way to say thank you to you + recognise and reward you for purchasing our collagen powders + skincare collection. Membership is complimentary + you earn points every time you shop, refer friends + family + more. You can redeem your points online for exclusive rewards. It’s as easy as that.

Yes. As an Adashiko Insider you’ll be the first to hear about special promos + new product launches + receive exclusive rewards + gifts of gratitude + get early access to sale events.

Simply click the Adashiko Insider tab on the bottom left hand side of our website.

  • Just for joining the Adashiko Insider loyalty rewards program we’ll reward you with 250 bonus points!
  • Every time you make a purchase we will reward you with 1 point for every $1 spent (less any applicable Sales Tax)!
  • Let us know your birthday + we'll send you 200 points!
  • Refer a friend + we'll send you 200 points + give them $10.00 off their first purchase too!
  • Write + submit a review on our product pages + you'll receive 50 points!

To achieve Adashiko Insider Gold status earn 3,000 Adashiko Insider points in a calendar year.

All Adashiko Insider points earned from this purchase will be deducted from your account when products are returned. It is possible your account could have a negative points balance after merchandise is returned.

Once you have logged into your online Adashiko Insider account, you will be able to add an Adashiko Insider Reward to your online basket from the points that you have available to redeem, or during the checkout process.

An Adashiko Insider Reward is not transferable + may not be sold, transferred or assigned to anyone else. Attempts to transfer the code may invalidate the Adashiko Insider Reward. However, you can always use your Adashiko Insider Reward to purchase something as a gift for someone else!

We encourage you to redeem your points often, so that you get to experience the full benefits of the Adashiko Insider program including product, gifts, experiences + events. All unredeemed points expire when you have not engaged in point activity associated with your Adashiko Insider Membership (through purchase or redemption for rewards) for 24 months or more. If you have questions regarding the date of your last point activity, or your last purchase, you may email for more information. In addition, points will automatically expire if your Membership is revoked or otherwise cancelled.