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Collagen and Joint Health
The association between collagen and skin is well-known, but as the collagen trend grows in popularity, the list of benefits of this incredible ingredient keep growing. Collagen supplements first became popular in Asia, with women hoping to achieve clear, youthful...
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Adashiko Interviews: Naomi Eunson PT
We sat down with Luci’s energetic and inspiring personal trainer Naomi Eunson to talk all things exercise and health. Did we mention she’s all about chocolatey breakfasts?   Tell us a typical day in your life. Every day for me is awesome,...
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"You scar so well"
Check out Adashiko ambassador Simone Anderson's scar update after her recent lower body skin removal surgery. Simone takes our Ultra collagen every day and started six months before her surgery date to prep her body. After achieving an extraordinary 92kg...
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