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Gut Health (And Why It Matters)
2022, right!?! If your immune system + skin are feeling a little unhappy this winter, you’re not alone. A global pandemic combined with (what feels like) intensified winter ills + chills is seeing people reach for the Kleenex + collagen-infused...
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Skin healing and Collagen
As the largest organ in the body, the skin works hard as a barrier to protect everything that lies under its surface. It's our first line of defence and is susceptible to damage in many forms - like blemishes, sunburn,...
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Collagen and Exercise
We’re all familiar with the external benefits of collagen, like strong hair and nails, and smooth, youthful skin, but did you know that collagen is a fitness super supplement?   Collagen makes up the connective tissue for the bones, cartilage, joints,...
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