Tips To Get You Through The Festive Season

Tips To Get You Through The Festive Season
December and January are notoriously indulgent - as well as busy. Self-care can take a backseat when your weekends are filled with Christmas shopping, parties, and holiday planning - it's easy to get caught up in the festive rush and be left feeling tired and sluggish. Below we have compiled a list of our favourite tips to keep you feeling great through the festive craziness.

1. Learn to say no

Feeling overwhelmed at this time of year? It's okay to turn down party invites and stay home and rest. It's okay to say no to another wine and choose a glass of water instead. Listen to your body and do what is right for you - you know what you need.

2. Give your body some support

At a time when alcohol intake is high and sugary treats are everywhere, it's easy to get swept up in the indulgence and overdo it. If you have overindulged, drink plenty of water, eat something nourishing, and take your vitamins (B Complex, Vitamin C, Zinc, and Magnesium are all great staples). Electrolyte sachets (available from pharmacies) are excellent if you've had one too many glasses of bubbles and have woken up hungover.

If your tummy is feeling bloated and uncomfortable after a large meal, try a dash of apple cider vinegar in some warm water for natural relief. You can also take ACV before a meal to help aid digestion.

Adashiko Collagen is an excellent daily supplement to keep your hair, skin, and nails looking fabulous, and also to support joint and gut health (our digestive systems need some love with all the rich food over this period). Two scoops a day in your coffee, herbal tea, or smoothie will keep you looking and feeling fabulous.

3. Indulge, but don't let it derail you

One day of unrestrained eating doesn't mean you should abandon your healthy habits. Accept that there will be delicious food on offer, and balance it out by eating plenty of greens, staying hydrated, and minimising sugar intake.

If you find yourself drinking more alcohol than you'd like over this period, take a few days off drinking or switch to a non-alcoholic option like sparkling water or kombucha.

4. Hydrate, and then hydrate some more

We've already mentioned drinking plenty of water, and this tip is not to be underestimated. Carry a large drink bottle with your everywhere and sip all day, and make sure you have a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage you consume.

If you find water boring, add a squeeze of lemon, some berries, or a herbal tea bag. For bonus benefits, add two scoops of Adashiko Collagen to your water to give your whole body a boost.

5. Don't stop moving

The end of the work and school year leaves so many of us exhausted, so it's no wonder most of us want to put our feet up and take a decent break. Relaxation is vital, but not to the point of complete inactivity.

If you're a regular gym goer or someone who is highly active, quick, Tabata-style home workouts are perfect if you're away from home. For the rest of us, beach and nature walks, swimming, beach sports, and hikes are all fun ways to stay active over the summer break.