Joint Health and Collagen

Joint Health and Collagen


It's easy to take your body for granted - but at some point or another, we all experience a little wear and tear. Over a lifetime our joints bear a lot of stress, so it's no surprise they cause many of us grief.


Joint function and structure

Joints are where two bones meet and are part of the complex, harmonious system that allows our bodies to move every which way. Ranging from tiny finger joints to the largest junctions like the knees and hips - joints are comprised of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, cartilage and synovial fluid.

What happens to our joints as we age?

Often we hear older people remark that their joints feel stiff or creaky, and we are indeed more prone to joint strain and pain as we age. But what causes this? Inflammation, injury, disease, and age all play a role in joint pain. Many conditions like arthritis and osteoarthritis cause considerable discomfort for sufferers due to the breakdown of cartilage between the joints.

Joint issues are incredibly common. While mainstream medicine has its uses in this instance - notably, pain relief and anti-inflammatories - there is so much we can do to support our joints naturally. Like anything, a holistic approach can create a massive improvement.

Top tips to take care of your joints


  • Stay mobile - but don't overdo it. Our bodies are designed to move and thrive with regular activity. Even if you suffer from joint pain, low-impact activity like swimming or gentle walking can benefit you (always check with your doctor before undertaking a new exercise regime).
  • If you're a runner or heavy weightlifter, be cautious not to push your body - and joints - too far. Stretching is excellent for the joints and the body and should be done daily, especially after exercise.
  • Maintain lean muscle mass and keep your bones strong. The muscles, bones, and joints all work together, so if your muscle is lacking, your joints will have to pick up the slack. You can build muscle and bone density through resistance training.
  • Keep your weight balanced. Excess weight can add pressure on joints and stress your cartilage. Maintaining a healthy body mass index (BMI) will stand you in good stead as you age.
  • Eat well. Be sure to get enough protein to maintain and build your muscle mass. Anti-inflammatory foods can play a pivotal role in managing certain health conditions - including these daily will benefit both your body and your mind. Calcium and Vitamin D are crucial for healthy bones and joints. Include plenty of (dairy and non-dairy) calcium-rich foods in your diet, and consider vitamin D supplementation if you can't get a small amount of sunlight each day.
  • Take a tailored joint support product. We formulated Adashiko Joint to promote joint health and provide strength, elasticity and support to the body. Learn more about this incredible product here.  


The role of collagen in joint health

There are a myriad of supplements available for joint support. Peptide collagen is relatively new in the health world and is showing tremendous promise for those with joint issues. Cartilage is comprised of collagen, so it's not surprising that stimulating collagen production and replenishing collagen levels can potentially help to rebuild cartilage.

A double-blind* study of 250 subjects with primary osteoarthritis of the knee were given hydrolysed collagen daily for six months. There was a significant improvement in knee joint comfort.

Another 24-week study of 147 athletes showed that those who supplemented with collagen noticed an improvement in joint pain.

More studies are needed to prove what so many people already know: that collagen supplementation can give relief to those suffering joint pain.

*Half the participants receive the medication or substance in question and half receive a placebo. Neither group know what they are taking.


Adashiko Joint Formula feedback

"I have been taking the Adashiko powder for some time now, and surprisingly my chronic wrist pain is almost gone! X-rays showed bone on bone in two areas, and it was causing a major problem.

Now I don’t need to wear a wrist support, and I hardly suffer any pain at all - after months of living with severe pain. I brought the product initially to help thicken my hair, but I am thrilled with the amazing improvement in my wrist."

- Carolyn, via the Adashiko website

"One word: AMAZING! I’ve been taking the joint collagen for 11 weeks and have seen a huge improvement in my knee pain. It’s no longer sore! I started F45 and found that lots of jumps and lunges took a huge toll on my already fragile knees and hips. I’m only 23, so this made me feel stink. But I’m so pleased this has helped me. Not into doing lunge jumps just yet but am sure I will be able to soon. Have also had someone ask if I’m pregnant because my skin is apparently super vibrant and glowy! Not pregnant but I’ll take the compliment."

- Hannah, via the Adashiko website

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