Collagen And Hydration

Collagen And Hydration

When we're hydrated, everything works better: we can think clearly and our cells function optimally. It's not surprising that our hydration levels have such a powerful effect on us, given that our bodies are comprised of up to 60% water.

Drinking plenty of water is obviously the best way to stay hydrated - but how much? Divide your weight in kilograms by 30 to find out how much you need to drink per day. For instance, if you weigh 70kg, you'll need roughly 2.3 litres of water a day (more if you're exercising or in a hot climate).

Aside from your daily water intake, some advanced supplements can have a positive effect on inner and outer hydration too.

From a cosmetic perspective, hydrated skin looks smooth, plump, and glowing, and less lined. If you're finding that rough, dry, dehydrated skin is a problem, hydrating internally and externally will give you the best results. 

Internal: Water and hydration-boosting supplements (check out our Watermelon Cooler recipe at the bottom of the page). 

External: High-quality skin-replenishing products

Hydration is also essential for joints: keeping joints adequately hydrated and lubricated reduces pain and inflammation. If you have arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint injuries or issues, it's worth considering supplementing with collagen - go for a specific Joint formula

Collagen is known as a beauty supplement, but it's an excellent all-rounder for supporting the body. Did you know that peptide collagen contains high levels of the amino acid hydroxyproline, which has been scientifically proven to increase skin's moisture levels and smoothness?


The Science: Collagen And Skin Hydration

double-blind clinical study of a German brand of collagen peptides showed that after twelve weeks of supplementation, the group taking the active product had a 28% increase in skin hydration and a 24% increase in skin density. Not only that, four weeks after the trial concluded, the subjects still had a significant increase in skin hydration despite having stopped taking the collagen. Skin elasticity also improved, and wrinkle depth and skin roughness reduced. 

It is worth noting that the daily dose in this study was only 2.5g, compared to the 5g daily dose in Adashiko. 

Collagen alone is hydrating and beneficial, but add in superstar Hyaluronic Acid, and you've got yourself a powerhouse of a supplement! Adashiko Ultra contains both of these plus Vitamin C to aid collagen synthesis, and Elastin to give elasticity to the skin and body. 

What is Hyaluronic Acid? 

Hyaluronic Acid (also known as Hyaluronan or HA) is a naturally occurring molecule found throughout the body that keeps our skin, eyes, and connective tissues moisturised and healthy. It binds to moisture and can hold 1000 times its weight in water. As well as attracting water to cells, it regulates the amount of water in the cell, keeping moisture levels optimal. It works beautifully when applied topically on the skin, and is effective internally for joint lubrication and connective tissue health. 

clinical study of 60 subjects taking HA internally showed a significant increase in skin lustre and suppleness after eight weeks. Crow's feet wrinkles also reduced in length and depth. 

Other clinical studies show similar results: significant increases in skin moisture, improved visible ageing symptoms, and improved dry skin symptoms on the face and body. 

Topical Hydration For Thirsty Skin

Applying potent, active skincare helps to nourish and protect the epidermis (top layer of skin) and the dermis (the deeper layers). To help your skincare penetrate, you'll need to cleanse and gently exfoliate regularly to prevent dead skin cells from building up on the skin's surface. 

Adashiko Collagen & Noni Gel is formulated with low molecular weight active ingredients like Peptide Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Noni Extract to penetrate deep into the skin for optimal absorption and results.

For a deep moisture treatment, high-quality facial masks work a treat. Adashiko Collagen Gel Cloth Masques infuse the skin with hydrating goodies and leave it radiant and smooth - they're fantastic to use before makeup application.  

Need a spot treatment? Soothe chapped lips, dry cuticles and rough patches with a nourishing skin balm


Watermelon Cooler

(serves two)

x 3 cups of cubed watermelon
x 1 cup CocoFuel Coconut Water
x 1 Lime (zest and juice)
Handful of Mint
x 4 Scoops of Adashiko Collagen
Ice Cubes

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend to a smooth consistency, then strain. Pour into glasses. Also fabulous with a couple of shots of vodka!