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Collagen Joint Boxed | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care
Collagen Joint Unboxed | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care
Collagen Joint Heaped | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care

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Tailored, potent joint support

Adashiko Joint is a super supplement that replenishes and boosts natural collagen production. Daily use of Adashiko Joint promotes healthy joints, mobility, full body strength, elasticity, and anti-aging. Collagen supplementation can assist those with arthritis, osteoarthritis, injuries, and help with recovery post-surgery. Adashiko Joint supports healing and anti-aging throughout the body.


Adashiko products are manufactured to the highest possible quality and contain 100% natural peptide collagen. Japanese made peptide collagen, known as super collagen, is the finest in the world. With an advanced low molecular weight of 3000 Daltons, Adashiko is the best-absorbed version of collagen available, making it highly dissolvable with no taste or odour.

Pure, natural active ingredients

+ Japanese Peptide Collagen
replenishes collagen levels in the body and encourages natural collagen formation through the connective tissues, cartilage, organs, bones, skin, hair, and nails.

+ Hyaluronic Acid
binds to water to increase hydration and lubrication through the joints and the body.

+ Glucosamine
found naturally in joints, assists with cartilage health, joint lubrication and mobility.

+ Chondroitin
is a major component of cartilage that enables it to retain water.

lowers inflammation and restores joint and muscle tissue.

+ Dextrin
is a natural fibre and prebiotic that assists detoxification in the body.

| Benefits

Healthy, happy joints

  • Supports joints, ligaments, and cartilage repair for greater mobility and flexibility.
  • Eases joint discomfort due to injury, arthritis, and osteoarthritis.
  • Provides full-body anti-inflammatory support.
  • Increases hydration and lubrication throughout the entire body.
  • Provides multidimensional support for full body health, strength and elasticity.
  • Encourages recovery after sport, exercise, injury, and surgery.
  • Supports lean muscle mass and weight loss due to its satiating effect.
  • Reduces fine lines and creates smoother, younger looking skin. Strengthens and fortifies hair, skin, and nails.

| Ingredients

High strength, maximum results

100% Pure Peptide Collagen (Porcine), Dextrin, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, Proteoglycan.

Adashiko is a health and beauty supplement. Mix into any hot or cool food or liquid.

Dissolve two scoops (5000mg/5g) into hot or cold liquids or food.

Please consult your healthcare professional before taking any dietary supplement if you’re pregnant or on any medication. Supplements do not replace a balanced diet. Always read the label and use as directed. Store below 30 degrees in a dry place.

| Nutritional Information

Per Serving Per Container
Energy 19kcal 100% Peptide Collagen - 4100mg
Sodium 4.65gm Dextrin - 665mg
Carbohydrate 0.12g Glucosamine - 100mg
Fat 0.01g Chondroitin - 50mg
MSM 50mg
Hyaluronic Acid 30mg
Proteoglycan 5mg


Collagen Joint Boxed | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care
Collagen Joint Unboxed | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care
Collagen Joint Heaped | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pain Be Gone!

One word: AMAZING! I’ve been taking the joint collagen for 1 weeks and have seen a huge improvement in my knee pain. It’s nonlonger sore! I started F45 and found that lots of jumps and lunges took a huge toll on my already fragile knees and hips. I’m only 23 so this made me feel stink. But I’m so pleased this has helped me. Not into doing lunge jumps just yet but am sure I will be able to soon. Have also had someone ask if I’m pregnant because my skin is apparently super vibrant and glowy! Not pregnant but I’ll take the compliment.

I love it, I love it, I love it!

Having just received my next 2 months of products + after reading your newsletter from Simone Anderson. I thought gee whiz that will be why my scars from my triple bypass on my heart are looking SO great! And only after 12 weeks, even the cardiologist remarked on it.
I have been taking Adashiko Joint for my joint pain/arthritis + I am incredibly happy with the relief it gives me. I did a test to make sure the product was working so I stopped taking it for one week and the pain returned.
I can’t say enough about Adashiko! I love it, I love it, I love it! Plus the added bonus of people commenting on my skin looking good!

I am thrilled with the amazing improvement

I have been taking the Adashiko Joint Collagen powder for some time now and surprisingly my chronic wrist pain is almost gone! X-Ray’s showed bone on bone in two areas, and was causing a major problem.
Now I don’t need to wear a wrist support, and I hardly suffer any pain at all - after months of living with severe pain. I brought the product initially to help thicken my hair, but I am thrilled with the amazing improvement in my wrist.

It has been amazing

What great service and communication.
Just so you know.. I read an article regarding Adashiko in the Herald tribune a month or so ago.
My husband had been having terrible pain in his feet and knees. ( He is 64 and started to think well this is what you have to expect when you get to this age) WELL  3 weeks after taking your product his pain has disappeared.. It has been amazing.

Forever Greatful

I have just ordered my forth tub of Joint Collagen. This stuff is amazing. I have had a few traumas with my legs over the last year. Hamstring injury and haemarthrosis. Different legs, and then a few weeks ago i fell down the stairs. I was having trouble getting out of the chair and walking. Thanks to your product, in a very short time i was able to do both these things. I ran out of product and after a few days i could feel the pain returning. So that will never happen again. Thank you so much, after about eighteen months in pain i feel like a new woman. I have also had comments on my skin. I am 71 and to get complements does this old soul so much good. Forever grateful.

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