Super amino acids: Glycine and Proline.

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Collagen is well known as a beauty supplement, but did you know that collagen is actually a protein?

When we look closer, we see that proteins are made up of amino acids. Amino acids transport and store nutrients, impact metabolism, aid in cell detoxification, and impact healing and tissue repair, among other things. They are essential for many bodily functions and for general maintenance within the skin and connective tissues.

In our collagen alone – type 1 and 3 – there are 19 amino acids, and glycine and proline make up over 50% of the amino acids in collagen.


GLYCINE: The anti-aging, immune boosting, muscle building star.


This article from Dr. Axe details the magic that is glycine. “You use glycine every day to strengthen your body and, frankly, allow it to work properly. This amino acid is essential for many different muscle, cognitive, and metabolic functions. It helps break down and transport nutrients like glycogen and fat to be used by cells for energy, and in the process, it supports strong immune, digestive and nervous systems.

In the human body, glycine is found in high concentrations in the skin, connective tissues of the joints and muscle tissue. One of the key amino acids used to form collagen and gelatin, glycine can be found in bone broth and other protein sources.”


Benefits of glycine

Supports and repairs joints
Fortifies the immune system
Helps to build muscle
Rebuilds the digestive lining
Promotes restful sleep
Enhances energy
Slows the signs of aging
Calms the nervous system


PROLINE: The regenerative, skin-loving wonder.


Proline is essential for the formation of collagen and plays a large role in skin healing. Like glycine, proline helps to seal and heal the gut lining, resulting in improved digestive health, something so many of us struggle with.

Again, Dr. Axe shares the wonderful benefits of proline in this article. “What are the main roles of proline? Functions of proline include helping form collagen, regenerating cartilage, forming connective tissue, repairing skin damage and wounds, healing the gut lining, and repairing joints.”


Benefits of Proline

Helps Heal Wounds and Repair Skin
Supports Digestive Health
Helps Prevent Joint Pain
Supports the Cardiovascular System
Contributes to a Healthy Metabolism and Fights Inflammation


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