From Japan to New Zealand: Ingestible Super Collagen

From Japan to New Zealand: Ingestible Super Collagen


Beauty trends filter out of Asia constantly. Known for their clear, flawless complexions, it's no surprise that Asian women are ahead of the game when it comes to beauty. Some Korean and Japanese women are borderline obsessive when it comes to skincare, using upwards of fifteen skincare products per day!
Some of the best skincare technology comes from Korea and Japan, as well as some incredibly clever products like cloth masks and active serums. Skincare companies routinely sell skincare and supplements together, designed to work in harmony to create the flawless, even complexion that these consumers so desire.


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Ingestible beauty supplements are part of everyday life, and most women consume collagen as part of their daily regime. Collagen can be found in every kind of ingestible product you can imagine: from tablets, capsules, packaged collagen water, coffee, noodles, lollies, smoothies, yoghurt, you name it, all readily available from corner stores, cafes, pharmacies, and even vending machines.



The demand for quality collagen in Japan is relentless, and the industry is thriving. Japan is home to some of the most impressive pharmaceutical companies in the world who conduct thorough research and development before even considering releasing a product out into the marketplace. The quality of Japanese collagen is unsurpassed.

Not all collagen is created equal – and many products on the market both in New Zealand and globally simply aren’t able to perform. There are two crucial factors in play for collagen to be effective:
  • The collagen itself must be bioavailable and hydrolysed for it to be absorbed into the body. The process of hydrolysis breaks down collagen molecules, producing peptide collagen - also known as super collagen. Peptide collagen is readily absorbed and utilised by the body.
  • The dose must be high enough: five grams per day is the optimal dose to see results. Anything less and you’re wasting your time and money. 


Adashiko was created in 2013 by Japanese cosmetics developer Yuko Arquette. After working as a product developer for Japan’s leading cosmetics company, Kanebo Corporation, for twelve years, Yuko saw a gap in the market for a high-quality ingestible product to maintain and restore the skin and body from the inside out. She started working closely with a leading Japanese pharmaceutical company to develop her products, and Adashiko was born.

Today, Adashiko is owned and run by Hawke’s Bay-based entrepreneur and health enthusiast Luci Firth. Adashiko continues to be produced in Japan to the highest international standards, with solid Biotechnology and Cosmeceutical research and development behind each product.

Adashiko is proud to be at the forefront of the collagen movement in New Zealand.
The majority of collagen on the market is sourced from a third-party – ours has been custom made after rigorous testing and research and development by one of Japan's leading pharmaceutical companies.
  • Adashiko collagen is 100% pure with NO additives - no stevia or flavours required because our collagen is genuinely tasteless and odourless.
  • Adashiko powders are high-strength. Two scoops provide the correct daily dosage - five grams (5000mg) for optimal results.
  • Any additional ingredients are active and complement peptide collagen for specific purposes (e.g. joint support, anti-aging).
  • Our collagen is heat tolerant and can be used in coffee, tea, and baking.
  • Adashiko is the only Japanese collagen in the NZ market.