Adashiko Love | Our Favourite Customer Stories

Adashiko Love | Our Favourite Customer Stories


You know you're on to something special when you continuously receive emails and messages filled with glowing feedback. Collagen supplements are relatively new to the market, and research on collagen is limited due to the very high cost of clinical studies, so client feedback is a very important part of what we do. 

Collagen powder is well-known as a beauty supplement (even Adashiko started with a beauty focus), but over time we realised that peptide collagen is incredibly versatile with its full-body results.

We've handpicked some of our favourite Adashiko stories to showcase the spectrum of results our customers are experiencing. Though everyone responds to supplements differently, we see some common themes among our feedback, as you'll see below.


Injury Recovery

Collagen is incredibly useful to support the healing process after an injury - especially for joints, ligaments, and cartilage. 

Jeanette's story

I have just ordered my fourth tub of Joint Collagen - this stuff is amazing. I have had a few traumas with my legs over the last year: hamstring injury and haemarthrosis, and an injury from falling down the stairs. I was having trouble getting out of the chair and walking, but thanks to your product, in a very short time I was back on my feet. 

I ran out of product, and after a few days, I could feel the pain returning, so that will never happen again. Thank you so much; after about eighteen months in pain I feel like a new woman. I have also had comments on my skin. I am 71 and to get compliments does this old soul so much good. Forever grateful.

Narelle's story

Five years ago I had an accident which left me with three broken vertebrae in my back and two in my neck. I spent time at the spinal unit in Christchurch and also months in rehab. Subsequently, I have since suffered from a constant aching in my back and neck. 

Someone recommended I try Adashiko, and since I have been taking this amazing product, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Adashiko has enabled me to be very active again without the constant pain. 

As well as the pain reduction, my hair, nails, and eyelashes are stronger and grow faster, and my skin is looking so much better. People keep telling me that my skin is glowing.





One of the most common questions we get asked is if our collagen is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and thankfully we can say yes! Collagen is just the thing to support stretching skin and a growing belly (and baby). Learn more about collagen in pregnancy here

Stephanie's story

When I fell pregnant I knew I wanted to do everything in my power to keep my body as healthy as possible. It felt a bit vain, but I was also really hoping I wouldn't end up covered in stretch marks! During puberty, I had a whole lot of them crop up on my hips, and while they had faded to silver, they were still visible. I was also aware that my age (33) may affect my skin's ability to bounce back. I decided to take Adashiko Pure as part of my supplement regime - I chose Pure after talking to Luci as she told me it contains only collagen with no extra ingredients and is completely safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
I added my Pure to my morning oats or smoothie every day from very early on in my pregnancy, around 8 weeks. It was an easy step in my morning routine and I didn't have any trouble sticking to it (unlike taking vitamin pills every day which I always seem to forget). I also took Vitamin C to help Pure do its work forming new collagen. Before I started Adashiko I was very sceptical about collagen supplements... I wasn't sure they did anything at all. I did my research and chose Adashiko because they use the right type of collagen with a small molecule size so that it can be absorbed properly.
My stomach grew - and so did my appetite - and I was fortunate enough to reach 40 weeks and give birth to a healthy baby girl - with absolutely NO stretch marks! I couldn't believe it given that my mum and my sister got them during their pregnancies. Not only that, once my tummy went down I could see that my skin had bounced back beautifully. I had only a teeny bit of loose skin on my stomach.
After I had baby, I was very busy and forgot to take my Adashiko for a few months. Interestingly, I had quite a few stretch marks pop up on my breasts during this time as they expanded due to breastfeeding. I believe this was because I had stopped taking my collagen. I started up again and they faded very quickly and are barely noticeable now. If I have another baby I will most definitely keep up my collagen smoothies through the post-partum period.
Another thing worth noting is that I had a very comfortable pregnancy with no back pain or discomfort of any kind (until the last few weeks when I was huge and my hips started to hurt in bed). I managed to work out at least once a week with my trainer right up until 36 weeks with no issues at all - and I never experienced sore muscles after a session. I put this down to the collagen.
Now, I won't be without my Adashiko. It has been an absolute godsend.  My skin glows and my nails grow so fast I have to cut them all the time (what a problem to have!). I had some hair breakage and loss around my hairline postpartum and I can see that it is growing back really fast.


Gut Health 

Collagen contains amino acids proline and glycine, both of which can assist in repairing the gut lining. Check out our blog post about gut health for more info.

Kristina's story

For years I have suffered an assortment of digestion issues. I’ve had to cut entire food groups out, only eat at certain times of the day, and was taking a variety of medications that masked the symptoms but did nothing to solve the issue. I started using Pure and Ultra about four months ago (I alternate days). I noticed a remarkable difference after only three weeks. I am no longer taking any medication and cannot remember the last time I struggled to digest food.

As an added bonus, my hair is shiny and bouncy, my nails grow fast and strong, and my skin has a glow and plumpness that I have never had before. I’ll be Adashiko for life!



Georgina's story

I just wanted to say how amazing your product is. Until a year ago my skin was fine - I had the occasional pimple, but I was lucky enough to not really worry about it. Around November last year my skin, especially on my cheekbone area, flared up. I had large red pimple-like spots that I couldn't squeeze. I changed my diet in multiple ways to see if that was related, but it wasn't until I decided to try a new moisturiser that they began to disappear. My skin, however, was so scarred. I don’t wear makeup and never did during this period even though the thought of covering up the scars up was tempting.

Then I heard about Adashiko. I am yet to finish my first container of Adashiko Ultra but my skin has never looked better. The scars are gone except for one, which I am sure will soon go. I have no flare-ups anymore, it is amazing! I have not changed anything else in my lifestyle except for adding this to my daily routine. I know you recommend at least three months before noticing changes, however, if these are the results now (less than a month) I cannot wait to see how my skin will look in three months time. Thank you so much!

Hannah's story

I decided to give Adashiko Collagen Powder a try after years of trying expensive skincare ranges (Environ, Indio, Nimue etc) and having no success in reducing my skin pigmentation issues. Within the first two months of using Adashiko, my skin tone had evened out significantly, to the point that I was able to use less make up. I also have PCOS which has meant I have needed to be on the contraceptive pill for years to control my skin breakouts.

I have now been off the pill and taking Adashiko Ultra for seven months, and have continued to have clear skin and reduced scarring. My fine lines are slowly reducing now (at around six months), showing that it has been working its magic in problem areas (skin pigmentation and acne) first. I'm a super happy customer! 



Image from Simone Anderson

Post-Surgery/ Scar Healing

Collagen is an essential part of skin healing. Taking collagen before and after surgery seems to play a role in faster healing, reduced scarring, and quicker recovery. Learn more about how collagen assists skin healing here. Adashiko ambassador Simone Anderson (pictured above) has had remarkable scarring results after her lower body skin removal surgery - read her full story here.

Sue's story 

After reading your newsletter featuring Simone Anderson, I thought "gee whiz, that will be why my scars from my triple bypass on my heart are looking SO great!" After 12 weeks, even my cardiologist remarked on it. I have been taking Adashiko Joint for my joint pain/arthritis, and I am incredibly happy with the relief it gives me. I did a test to make sure the product was working, so I stopped taking it for one week, and the pain returned.

I can't say enough about Adashiko! I love, love, love it! Plus I have the added bonus of people commenting on my skin looking good!

Nancy's story

I'm now five weeks today post my hysterectomy and endometriosis operation and feeling amazing. My MRI I had last year showed I had a huge mass of endo tissue, (the same time I started taking Adashiko Collagen Ultra). The mass was not at all visible on the day of operation and I was told it would be six weeks before I could exercise and resume any heavy lifting and normal activities, however, I started light cycling and walking one and a half weeks after. 

By the two and a half week mark, I was doing bodyweight exercises, and by week four I'm fully back to lifting weights and have resumed all normal activities. I really believe its all thanks to the internal collagen for the quick healing, so thank you to you and your team.


Hair Growth

It's incredible how many of our customers notice faster growing hair while taking Adashiko - Bex West's results above speak for themselves! Check out her case study here