Adashiko Gift Guide

Adashiko Gift Guide


We love the festive season here at Adashiko, but admittedly, we don't relish the task of Christmas shopping. If, like us, you love the convenience of shopping online, then hold tight; our gift guide has you covered. 



Dad, Husband or Boyfriend

Men, especially Dads, are tough to buy presents for. 

Even the manliest man will love the simplicity of our Men's Energise Facial Gel. Lightweight, soothing post-shave, hydrating, and exfoliating, this calming gel will brighten dull complexions and reduce the signs of aging with regular use. 

Active guys - or Dads and partners with injuries or joint pain - will love our Joint Collagen. The unique formula supports those with arthritis, osteoarthritis, injuries, and helps with recovery post-surgery. Adashiko Joint also promotes healing and anti-ageing throughout the body.

If you're feeling extra generous, you can't go wrong with some new socks as well. 

Men's Energise Gel 50ml $64.95 or 100ml $94.95



Image from the lovely Holly Estelle


Mothers deserved to be spoilt. Show your mama you love her with the Rolls Royce of collagen products: Adashiko Ultra. With over 200 five-star reviews on our website, Ultra is the ultimate anti-aging collagen formula for beautiful skin, healthy hair, and long, strong nails. 

Our unique blend of Peptide Collagen, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, CoQ10, and Elastin makes Ultra an anti-aging powerhouse! It also supports digestion, joints, sleep, healing, and recovery post-workout.

Adashiko Ultra $94.95



Sister or Friend

Who doesn't love a good pamper session? Adashiko Collagen Gel Cloth Masques are a luxurious gift option for your bestie or your sister - they're suitable for all skin types and leave skin feeling incredibly smooth and hydrated. They're also perfect for air travel, or pre-makeup before a special event. 

Our new Collagen Cleanse bar is also an excellent choice: gentle cleansing with zero dryness, and a stack of skin-loving ingredients. Each bar lasts up to six months!

Box of 5 for $54.95 or a single masque for $11.95

Collagen Cleanse $44.95 and Eco-Cleanse Case $24.95


Secret Santa gift

If you're looking for a little stocking filler or Secret Santa gift, our new Adashiko Collagen Balm is ideal for both men and women and comes in at a very reasonable price point of $18.95. Not just for the lips, this nourishing balm is excellent on burns, scars, cuticles, dry patches, windburn, and parched skin.

If you're feeling generous, throw in a gorgeous single Adashiko Collagen Cloth Masque.

Single masque  $11.95

Collagen Balm $18.95