5 Tips to Manage Seasonal Stress

Milly from Mindbody Alchemy reading a book | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skincare

As we lean into the festive season, there’s feelings of joy. The chance to relax, catch up with friends + family + (finally) soak up some much needed sunshine (for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere).

But, there can also be feelings of overwhelm. Juggling the growing to-do list, saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’ + feeling your energy deplete. Sometimes you feel like you have to push through to only come out the other side more exhausted than ever.

If you’re reading this + it resonates ~ you’re not alone. And today’s feature with Milly from Mindbody Alchemy will be just the tonic you need. Take 5 minutes with us + we’ll let Milly fill you in on her top 5 tips for managing seasonal stress.

1) Don’t be afraid to say “No”.
This time of year can bring so many opportunities to get out + about, to socialise, to ‘eat, drink + be merry’ ~ which is all very well until we realise the silly season tends to go for a few months which isn’t exactly sustainable.

When something comes up, check in with yourself before committing, is this something that will energise you or deplete you? Do you have capacity mentally / emotionally / physically?? If it isn’t a “hell yes”, try answering with, “Can I get back to you?” + take a pause before locking anything in. Give yourself full permission to give it a miss!

2) Energy output vs. energy input.
There is a huge amount of energy output at this time of year with the Christmas parties, the gift buying, the extra things the kids have going on at school etc. So we need to prioritise energy input. What tops you up? It might be a walk in nature, yoga, doing a guided meditation, having a bath, driving to work in silence to reduce noise stimulation, going to bed half an hour earlier to read a trashy novel, creating some boundaries around social media use (this one can be a massive energy drainer). Check in with what it is that energises you + make a commitment to weaving more of these pockets of bliss into your days.

3) Daily micro-actions
We can go on a detox or follow the latest fad to get ‘skinny’ or ‘fit’ but I am such a big believer in consistent daily actions being the way to create a lifestyle you love. One that is balanced + sustainable.

My morning ritual is literally just a glass of warm water, 10 minutes of yoga + 10 minutes of meditation. It's not fancy or elaborate, it costs me nothing but it is a commitment to myself that energises my mind, body + soul every single day. I also feel like it sets the standard for prioritising my needs which isn’t always the easiest thing to do, so is a great way to practice!

4) The 80:20 rule.
As we know, ‘all work + no play makes Johnny a dull boy’ so I am all about balance! I love the 80:20 rule or I personally like to do weekday:weekend.

Have a rhythm for your Monday to Friday that gets you back to basics: Move your body in a way you enjoy each day, prioritise sleep, nourish your body with foods that are nutrient dense + colourful and of course hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Come the weekend your body will have a whole lot more capacity for a good time!!

5) Supplements.
Unless we are piling back buckets of leafy greens + doing allll the ‘right’ things with our nutrition, it’s quite likely we will not be getting enough of a number of key nutrients.
When we are stressed (which can literally just be from being extra busy, putting different foods in our body or not sleeping well) we rapidly deplete Magnesium and our B Vitamins so these are key nutrients to look at supplementing day to day to support busy lives - but especially during the silly season!

The quality of our gut health has a huge impact on this too (hello Adashiko Collagen Powders for improved gut health!!), if we have poor gut health, we miss the opportunity to make the best use of all the healthy choices we are making for ourselves which impacts not only our physical health but mental health as well.

Portrait photo of Milly from Mindbody Alchemy | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skincare

Milly is a Mindbody Coach with a passion for reconnecting women with their most authentic + empowered essence, so they show up in their daily life with flow, purpose + joy. Through her one-on-one coaching, online yoga + in person workshops, she guides + teaches her clients the tools + strategies of ‘unbecoming’ what society can condition us to believe we need to be, by going on a journey within to embrace all of who we truly are without all of the layers that no longer serve us. Milly believes through intention + commitment, the opportunity for transformation of the mind, body + soul is limitless.

To connect with Milly you visit her website https://www.mindbodyalchemy.co.nz/ or join her journey on Instagram.