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Still undecided if Adashiko Collagen is right for you, well, here are some recent reviews of our products...

Collagen Ultra

A super happy customer! - Hannah 

I decided to give Adashiko a try after years of trying expensive skincare ranges (environ, indio, nimue) and having no success in reducing my skin pigmentation issues. Within the first two months of using Ashasiko my skin tone had evened out significantly, to the point that I was able to use less make up. I also have PCOS which has meant I have needed to be on the contraceptive pill for years to control my skin break outs. I have now been off the pill and taking Adashiko for 7 months and have continued to have clear skin and reduced scaring. Fine lines are slowly reducing now (at around 6 months), showing that it has been working its magic in problem areas (skin pigmentation and acne) first. A super happy customer!

I cant recommend this product more! - Kelly 

I have been using Adashiko Collagen for nearly 8 months now, mainly for my skin in the beginning to help with my fine lines around my eyes and mouth and a scar I have on my forehead. But I have received so many other benefits from this product it has been amazing! I have tried both the Pure and Ultra, and have found the best benefits from the Ultra for me, such as for my joints, my back, recovery after high intensity sport and activities is faster, my skin just glows, feels plump and is well moisturised, my eyelashes after having extensions and breakage have really grown back fast, my hair is healthy, my nails are so strong after being damaged from Shellac nails, so much more, I cant recommend this product more!

Skin Specialist - Shelley 

“I can repair the outside of the skin and I’ve been looking for that special product that can repair the inside” “I’VE NOW FOUND IT”

I am LOVING the Ultra Powder! - Gerrard

"I’m loving the powder and the moisturizer. I’ve noticed a massive difference in my skin since using both for 2 months. My skin is looking smoother, and is literally glowing. I’ve been having the powder daily with my morning shakes or in my protein shake after a work-out or sprinkling it over my oats and protein in the morning. I love the fact that it’s odourless and tasteless so it’s so easy to add into anything."

Collagen Ultra 💚 - Kat

Big Collagen Ultra fan right here... I religiously repurchase this. Noticed results almost immediately! Now I can't live without this product! Thank you Adashiko :)

Game changer - Micaela

I am firm believer in "eat your way beautiful" and this product is case and point for this saying. I have been using Adashiko Collagen Ultra since the start of this year. I simply add a scoop into my smoothie each morning and in just 6 months I have noticed the lines around my eyes soften, my cheeks feel tighter and my skin resembles a natural glow. This product has also impacted my muscle recovery. I run around 50-70km a week and I used to have trouble sleeping with sore muscles but since taking this product I no longer deal with muscle aches and bounce back into fitness much quicker. I cannot recommend this product more highly. Compared to expensive skin products which certainly are no guarantee, this is a well-priced one-stop-shop for health and beauty. As I said in my title it has been a game changer for me. Very appreciative x


Collagen Pure

The best !! - Kelly

"This Collagen Powder is truly odourless and tasteless . I put this into my smoothies , soups and baking for the whole family .
I find this is the best way to get collagen into my children . We love our Pure and wouldn't be without it .
Thanks Adashiko "

F.L.A.W.L.E.S.S 💋 - Kristen

"This products is Flawless! 💅🏼💋
I love what it does for my hair skin and nails , I have finally started to grow long healthy hair after trying for so many years. Not to mention my skin and eyes I feel look a lot brighter and alive!
Yay to easy to use Collagen!"


Have been adding this powder into my breakfast smoothies, my skin has never felt better! Its looking so glowly and dewy without any makeup! Highly recommend!

Absolutely love!! - Megs

Absolutely love my collagen pure. Have noticed huge benefits in both me and my husbands skin especially! Also love that it's tasteless so super easy to add to my morning porridge, hot drinks , bliss balls and smoothies:)


Collagen Joint

Forever Grateful - Jeanette

I have just ordered my forth tub of Joint Collagen. This stuff is amazing. I have had a few traumas with my legs over the last year. Hamstring injury and haemarthrosis. Different legs, and then a few weeks ago i fell down the stairs. I was having trouble getting out of the chair and walking. Thanks to your product, in a very short time i was able to do both these things. I ran out of product and after a few days i could feel the pain returning. So that will never happen again. Thank you so much, after about eighteen months in pain i feel like a new woman. I have also had comments on my skin. I am 71 and to get complements does this old soul so much good. Forever grateful.

It has been amazing - Nette

"What great service and communication.
Just so you know.. I read an article regarding Adashiko in the Herald tribune a month or so ago.
My husband had been having terrible pain in his feet and knees. ( He is 64 and started to think well this is what you have to expect when you get to this age) WELL  3 weeks after taking your product his pain has disappeared.. It has been amazing."

I am thrilled with the amazing improvement - Carolyn

"I have been taking the Adashiko Joint Collagen powder for some time now and surprisingly my chronic wrist pain is almost gone! X-Ray’s showed bone on bone in two areas, and was causing a major problem.
Now I don’t need to wear a wrist support, and I hardly suffer any pain at all - after months of living with severe pain. I brought the product initially to help thicken my hair, but I am thrilled with the amazing improvement in my wrist."

I love it, I love it, I love it! - Sue

"Having just received my next 2 months of products + after reading your newsletter from Simone Anderson. I thought gee whiz that will be why my scars from my triple bypass on my heart are looking SO great! And only after 12 weeks, even the cardiologist remarked on it.
I have been taking Adashiko Joint for my joint pain/arthritis + I am incredibly happy with the relief it gives me. I did a test to make sure the product was working so I stopped taking it for one week and the pain returned.
I can’t say enough about Adashiko! I love it, I love it, I love it! Plus the added bonus of people commenting on my skin looking good!"


Collagen Noni Gel

Perfect everyday facial booster/moisturiser - Steph

"A month or so ago I came across the Adashiko products on Facebook. They sounded really good, but to be honest, I was sceptical as I’ve tried many top skin care products over the last couple of years and found they never really did much for my skin. I finally decided to purchase the Collagen + Noni Gel about two weeks ago to give it a try.
“I’ve used nearly everything on my skin over the years, and this lovely gel has proved to be one of the best products out there. It’s hydrating and lightweight enough to go under my makeup every day. I love it! I also love that it’s fragrance-free and paraben-free – my skin is super sensitive to these ingredients. It’s the perfect everyday facial booster/moisturiser."

Such amazing results for my skin! - Chelsea

"I am so fortunate to have been introduced to both of your products.
I have been using the Collagen + Noni Gel the longest and have noticed such amazing results for my skin! I have struggled with terrible acne for years and years and have tried so many different ‘Miracle” products!! I have finally found a product that works and that doesn’t cost the earth and leaves my skin feeling amazing! I have had so many comments on how great my skin is looking which makes feel so much more confident, as before I use to pile on the makeup to try and hide the terrible blemishes!! Now my makeup goes further and I don’t feel I have to hide behind it anymore! I am now on my second tub of Collagen powder and I definitely feel this is helping from the inside out, for my skin especially and I look forward to see other results for my body! The service is top rate and so efficient!! Once again Thank you for your amazing product and I look forward to future purchases!!"

Eczema sufferers joy! - Courtney

Adashiko c&n gel has literally changed my life! I have been using the gel for just over 18 months now and I am obsessed. Not only has it done amazing things for my skin’s overall appearance, firmness and tone but as a person who has suffered from eczema on my face since being a child, this is the first moisturiser I have been able to use and be guaranteed my eczema will not flare up. Over the last 20 years I have unsuccessfully spent $1000s trying to find a product that moisturises my skin without irritating it. I am so glad to have found the c&n gel and will be a lifer xx


Mens Facial Gel Energise

A part of my every day routine - Gerard

I love the moisturiser as well as the powder. I put it on after cleansing and toning and under my sunscreen in the morning and as the last step in my skincare regime at night. It really is amazing, absorbs super fast and leaves the skin feeling so good after.