Collagen Hydra+ Multi Mist - Description + Benefits

This multi-purpose facial mist can be used after cleansing, as the final step in your makeup routine to set + control your makeup, + to refresh your skin throughout the day to create a luminous, dewy finish.

Suitable for all skin types, Collagen Hydra+ Multi Mist:
Balance + tone maintaining the skin’s natural pH levels.
Set + control makeup setting spray.
Refresh + re-hydrate for the coveted Adashiko glow.

+ Triple Collagen Complex boost + retain your skin’s hydration levels with our unique Triple Collagen Complex.

+ Botanical Oils

Jojoba Seed Oil - Provides gentle, deep nourishment + hydration with antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids + vitamins A, D + E.
Rosa Damascena Flower Oil - Inhaling this scent can have relaxing properties + the plant’s petals contain skin-soothing + antioxidant compounds that can benefit skin.
Camellia seed oil - Contains vitamins that stimulate collagen production + help tackle fine lines + wrinkles. Has restorative properties that can reduce the appearance of premature ageing + promote healthy skin.

+ Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant to protect your skin from environmental stressors + fight the signs of ageing.

+ Biosaccharide Gum-1 to reinforce the makeup setting function, achieving skin hydration + moisturizing with a dewy finish. A complex sugar-derived ingredient that moisturizes, soothes,+ forms a flexible film on skin to enhances products texture.

+ Hydrogenated Lecithin skin-conditioning emollient + emulsifier. Enhancing the penetration of other skin care ingredients in the formulation for greater efficacy.

+ Citric Acid main role is a pH regulator. Used in small amounts to adjust the pH level to prevent product from being too alkaline or basic.