The treatment everyone's talking about: Facial Sculpting Massage

Lucy Groube, performing a Facial Sculpture Massage on a client, Advanced Face Up™ Specialist + owner of Calme Beauty in Hawke’s Bay | Adashiko Collagen

Facial Sculpting Massage is not just a beauty trend; it’s a holistic wellness ritual deeply rooted in ancient cultures around the world ~ including China, India + Japan.

And when it comes to health or beauty practices with roots in Japan - of course, we’re all in ~ so we got chatting to Lucy Groube, Advanced Face Up™ Specialist + owner of Calme Beauty in Hawke’s Bay to discover the benefits of the treatment everyone is talking about right now - the Face Sculpting Massage.

Lucy Groube, portrait image, Advanced Face Up™ Specialist + owner of Calme Beauty in Hawke’s Bay | Adashiko Collagen

A Face Sculpting Massage is different to a traditional facial.

Instead, it’s a fusion of advanced massage techniques meticulously curated for your face, neck, décolletage, + mouth. A Face Sculpting Massage works much deeper to relieve muscle tension, unstick/release fascia, + to create healthy + optimal blood circulation + lymphatic drainage for an incredible natural facial rejuvenation treatment.

Trained by Face Up™ Founder, Olga Newman, Lucy has a few tricks + tools up her sleeve ~ but she tells us, there’s no technology to replace the power of the hands. Perhaps that is one of the reasons the Facial Sculpting Massage is so popular ~ yes, it feels amazing + yes, there’s almost always a visible difference following the face massage ~ but after your treatment, your very own hands can significantly enhance the longevity of the treatment’s effects from the comfort of your home.

Facial Massage is about more than aesthetics ~ it's a holistic health practice.

Lucy’s approach through the Face Up™ method activates the lymphatic system, which plays a key role in detoxifying the body, enhancing facial contours + improving overall wellness. It’s primarily a workout for your face + body ~ by activating the lymphatic system you can eliminate waste + toxins from the body, reduce puffiness, address posture concerns + realign your nervous system. Lucy’s magic hands work deeply with all layers including the face, bones, muscles, adipose tissue + skin to support the muscles’ elasticity, stimulate blood circulation + nutrition to your bones, muscles + skin.

Core benefits of Facial Sculpting Massage:

We live such busy lives, so it’s not surprising the disconnection with our bodies often goes unnoticed. After a session, you become fully aware of your body + where you hold your tension ~ whether it’s your neck, jaw, scalp or even your eyebrows.

There’s many reasons why taking the time to massage your face is worth it, but Lucy shares her top 7 benefits:

  1. Create a holistic approach to ageing
  2. Increased skin radiance
  3. A more lifted + firm appearance
  4. Reduction in puffiness through lymphatic drainage
  5. Smoothing fine lines + wrinkles
  6. Improve jaw, neck + scalp tension
  7. Transitioning the body from a stress-induced 'fight-or-flight' state to a calm 'rest-and-digest' state
Before and after photo of woman's face after a Face Sculpting Massage | Adashiko Collagen

What to expect during a professional Face Sculpting Massage:

If it’s your first time seeing a professional, like Lucy, you’re in for a treat. The face is like an open book + she knows how to read it. But she often starts at the neck as it’s a part of the body that hides nothing. As stress builds + negative body habits creep in, the neck starts to shorten, pulling the face down. Lucy tells us she can spend a good 80% of a face massage session working deeply with a client’s chest + neck to then be able to work her way to the face.

Some areas might feel a little niggly to begin with ~ especially areas of your face, neck + chest that have never been massaged before. But before long, most clients fall into a state of deep relaxation as her magic hands work their way over all the areas you’re holding tension + inflammation. Massage techniques are always tailored to the needs of the client ~ but you can expect a beautiful blend of long, deep stretch-like-strokes + shorter pulse-like movements that sink you deeper into the bed until you feel like you’re floating.

After your session Lucy will tell you to drink plenty of water, head out for a short walk if you can + to avoid laying down for at least two hours after the massage so fluids carry on draining.

Facial Massage techniques you can try at home:

Yes, of course we asked… If you’re not a resident of Hawke’s Bay or can’t escape for a long weekend to see Lucy ~ we don’t want you to miss out. At the bottom of this blog, we will share links to other Face Up™ professionals around New Zealand ~ but Lucy has kindly shared nine of her favourite facial massage techniques you can try from the comfort of your own home.

  1. The big 6 to activate your lymphatic system for the day.
  2. Lucy’s fav exercises for a healthier neck.
  3. Working your SCM muscle.
  4. Do your brows feel heavy with tension? Give this a go.
  5. Tension in your lips? Try this move out!
  6. How to massage your chin.
  7. Do you suffer from a tight jaw? This reel is for you.
  8. Tension in your temples? Lucy’s got you.
  9. Unlock the power of self-care for your eyes.

Face Up™ Method Providers in New Zealand:

Auckland - Olga, Nikki + Vicky @ Face Up Beauty
Auckland - Mirelle @ Sculpted by Lela
Christchurch - Erin @ Beauty by Erin
Wellington - Rachel Millns @ Simplicite Skin Clinic
Tauranga - Rachel Hyatt @ Hands on Studio
Hawke’s Bay - Lucy @ Calme Beauty
Wanaka - Tati @ Flow Massage Wanaka
Whangarei - Zoe Gimring @ Holistic Beauty + Bodyworks
Dunedin - Zoe Carpenter @ Florence Face