How To Create Beautiful Skin

How To Create Beautiful Skin

With endless skin care brands and supplements on the market - not to mention the array of advice available to us, it can be near impossible to figure out how to take care of our skin. Beautiful skin requires a holistic approach; one that takes into account not only what you're using topically, but what you're putting into your body, and your lifestyle as a whole. Many skin issues are related to health problems (hormonal conditions, stress, allergies etc.), so focusing on health and wellness is a great starting point.

Work from the inside out

Everything you put into your body helps your body to create new cells: we literally are what we eat. A diet rich in good fats and antioxidants and low in sugar will help your skin - and your entire body - stay young. Correct hydration is also essential to keep the body functioning well.

There are many different ways of eating, and we all thrive on different foods. Regardless of whether you subscribe to a particular eating style, you can't go wrong choosing whole foods and focusing on eating plenty of vegetables, healthy fats, and protein (from both animal and non-animal sources).

Taking quality supplements can also help our general health and skin immensely. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the choice of supplements available, and it can be downright confusing trying to figure out what to take. If you have a specific health condition - or skin condition - consider visiting a natural health practitioner like a naturopath, and/or your GP or a dermatologist.

If you want to improve your skin naturally, a fantastic starting point is peptide collagen (additional vitamin C is also an excellent anti-aging supplement). Our collagen stores decrease by around 1% each year as we age, causing visible signs of aging like wrinkles. Declining collagen levels can also affect our joints, ligaments, and connective tissue. Peptide collagen replaces collagen stores and stimulates fibroblasts (cells) to produce new collagen. Learn more about Adashiko peptide collagen here.


Topical products

If your bathroom is bursting with products, it could be time to take it back to basics. Using too many different products at one time increases your risk of skin reactions - think of how many ingredients are in each product alone! Fragrance, in particular, is particularly problematic for the skin. It doesn't matter if it's natural or synthetic, it can irritate the skin and even damage collagen and elastin. Try and limit fragranced facial products, especially if you have any skin conditions, acne, aging, or sensitive skin. Treating the skin gently and with care goes a long way in keeping it youthful. 

The essentials:

A gentle cleanser - avoid anything that foams and go for cleansing oils, milks, gels, or creams. Foaming cleansers strip away the natural oils from your skin, and can trigger more oil production.

When you cleanse or remove your makeup, avoid pulling and tugging at the skin to prevent sagging in later years. Ideally, your skin shouldn't move as you cleanse. 

An exfoliant - steer clear of abrasive scrubs which are highly irritating. Leave on exfoliants - like alpha hydroxy products - are fantastic. If you want to keep it simple, use a facecloth with your cleanser to very gently exfoliate your face.

A moisturiser with SPF - sun damage is a significant factor in skin aging. Always wear sun protection during the day! An easy way is to find a moisturiser with SPF included; there are many natural options available if you want to avoid chemical sunscreens.

If you wear foundation, choose a product that also contains SPF to add another layer of protection. Wear a hat and sunglasses at the beach, and avoid sunbathing at all costs. A tan may feel good now, but you WILL age faster and put yourself at risk of developing skin cancer. 

A treatment serum - serums deliver a concentrated nutrient boost to the skin and can be used alone or mixed with your moisturiser. Keep it super simple and choose a multitasking serum - like the Adashiko Collagen + Noni Gel. Reduce the signs of aging (wrinkles, pigmentation, loss of firmness), while hydrating and gently exfoliating. Learn more about this fantastic product here.