Commonly Asked Collagen Questions

Commonly Asked Collagen Questions

What does it do?

When taken at the correct dosage and in the right form, collagen powder helps to replenish natural collagen stores. It does this by stimulating fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen. Collagen declines as we age, and this shows externally on our skin and is felt internally in our joints, ligaments, and connective tissue.

Taking a high-quality collagen product will help reduce visible signs of aging like wrinkles, pigmentation, loss of firmness, dullness etc. It will also stimulate nail and hair growth, and supports joint health among other things.


Which product would be best for me? 

ALL THREE of our powders – Pure, Ultra, and Joint support the following, and they also have individual additional benefits.


  • Strong, fast-growing nails
  • Thicker, more resilient hair
  • Skin hydration and radiance
  • A reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation
  • Increased skin firmness all over the body
  • Full-body support; healthy joints, ligaments, and fascia
  • Healthy gut lining


Check out this blog post to find your perfect collagen supplement.


How do I take it? 

You can take your Adashiko powder however you like! Our unique formula easily dissolves into any hot or cold drink or food, meaning you can have it in water, coffee, tea, a smoothie, oats, hummus, soup, bliss balls, pancakes.... You name it.


Does it taste funny?

Unlike other collagen powders on the market, our specially designed formula is completely tasteless and odourless, even when mixed in water. It won't taint your food or beverage at all and is incredibly easy to take. 


Does it actually work?

It sure does! Because Adashiko collagen is hydrolysed - meaning it has a super low molecule size of 3000 Daltons - and high-strength, it is absorbed and utilised efficiently by the body. Some other brands lack the strength or the low molecule size to be effective, so always do your research.

While collagen supplements are still relatively new, and more studies need to be done, we receive constant feedback from our clients about the amazing results they have had using our products. Check out some testimonials on our Facebook page.


Can I use collagen if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

Absolutely. Collagen can be hugely beneficial for pregnancy - check out this blog post for more information. We recommend our Pure Collagen, which is 100% peptide collagen (our other products contain additional ingredients). We also recommend you check with your doctor or midwife before taking any new supplement or medicine.


How long before I see results? 

We have had reports of results in as little as three weeks. The first things people generally notice are their nails grower faster and becoming stronger, and their hair doing the same. We recommend three to six months of consistent use to see optimal results.


How long do I need to take it for?

We like to think of collagen as a long-term anti-aging supplement. If you stop using it, your results will gradually diminish, so we recommend it become part of your daily routine on a permanent basis. Over time you will only notice more and more wonderful benefits.


Does it come in capsules? 

Some collagen products are available in capsules, but we have chosen a powder form so you can get the correct dosage (five grams per day). Depending on capsule size, you would need to take around ten per day to get the correct dose! A powder is absorbed better and is far easier to take.