Collagen, Beauty, and Health in your 40s

Collagen, Beauty, and Health in your 40s
Turning forty used to signal the loss of youth and the start of middle age. Now that we are living longer being in your forties doesn't mean it's all downhill. On the contrary, many women and men proclaim they have a new lease of life during this decade!

Though the forties are heralded as the new thirties, there's no denying that the signs of aging become more apparent around this time. Skin becomes more lax, and fine lines and wrinkles can deepen. Pigmentation can start to appear, especially if you spent your youth sun-worshipping without protection. If you've looked after your skin and lived a healthy lifestyle through your twenties and thirties, you'll be looking and feeling pretty good.

  • Now's the time to step things up a notch; skincare, activity levels, diet, and general lifestyle become even more pivotal to aging well and living a full life. Setting up good habits now will benefit you in the years to come. 

  • If you're not doing some form of resistance exercise already, it would be wise to start to preserve or increase your lean muscle mass and boost your bone density. We reach peak muscle mass in our thirties and early forties, and it is crucial to maintain this as we age to prevent loss of strength and function. 

  • Using active skincare and supplementing well with antioxidants can help to fight the visible signs of aging. Collagen is an excellent choice at any age, but if you're not already taking it, your forties is the perfect time to start. Studies have shown that peptide collagen significantly increases hydration levels in the skin and reduces wrinkle depth. As a bonus, collagen support ligaments and joints as we age. Learn more about the benefits of collagen here.



Five minutes with Milly

How long have you been taking Adashiko?

Since it was first launched in New Zealand - it must be over five years now. I used to print the packaging labels for the original owner of Adashiko, and he said, hey, you've got to try these products. So I was one of the very first Adashiko clients.

The biggest thing that got me to stick to taking it is the ease of use. Until I tried it, I didn't realise how easy it was. We all expect instant results, but you need to commit to taking Adashiko long-term to see results. I'm lucky to have got on board early.

What are some of the benefits you have noticed?

My skin is much healthier and looks plump and hydrated. Beauty therapists have said that my skin is in really fantastic condition. I've been on it for such a long time; I don't want to stop to see what my skin would be like without it!

Nowadays, if I run out or forget to have my dose for a few days, I can feel it in my joints. I've got a bad knee that I hurt when I was sixteen, and I used to get it treated all the time. It would go numb and ached if it rained, and it is absolutely fine now. My nails don't split, and my hair is in excellent condition.

It's such a great all-rounder for joints, skin, and health. I think it's gold.

How do you like to take your Adashiko?

I have it in my coffee every morning. My morning coffee is a habit, so it's easy to do it that way.

What else do you like to do to stay healthy and youthful?

I play netball and do Boxfit three times a week. I like to stay active.

What's your daily beauty regime?

It's quite basic: I cleanse every day and moisturise morning and night. I like to keep it simple because I have a busy life and household. But I love makeup - it's a bit of a hobby.

I use my Adashiko gel like a treatment serum if my skin is playing up. My husband uses it too and loves it.

What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Get active earlier - I wish I'd started exercising earlier in life and taken time out for myself when I was a young mum. Me time is so important, and it feels good to do something for myself.