Cleanse : Getting Deep on the How To!

Cleanse : Getting Deep on the How To!

There is a certain beauty in a ritual, especially when it comes in the form of self-care. With a nod to Adashiko’s Japanese origins, we created our products keeping the form of simplicity as well as quality in the forefront of our minds.

Creating a skin care ritual can become something to look forward to at either side of the day. It can become an almost cathartic experience in removing your make up / sunscreen, along with the stress of the day + any environmental build up left on the skin. Literally cleansing the day away, ready for the next – anew.

Albeit, our cleansing system is designed with an ease of use + efficiency. But sometimes slowing it right down + taking the time to indulge in your skincare regime in a more mindful + considered approach is a soothing practice. If you have the time, take it. Particularly, when bathing.

We believe that cleansing the skin is the foundation of your skincare regime. Prepping the skin in such a way means that it allows for the ultimate absorbency of the skincare that you apply thereafter. 

This why we formulated our Adashiko Collagen Cleanse Bar and we did our best to jam pack it with potent skin loving ingredients such as Peptide Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid + CoQ10 to nourish + effectively cleanse the skin with ease .

Our Top 5 Cleansing Tips 

1. Water Temperature We suggest to use tepid water when cleansing, I know it is inviting to have shower or basin with piping hot water but this actually dries out the skin. 

2. Cleansing Tools  Our Kabuki brush developed to be used in unison with the Collagen Cleanse. Used in conjunction , this creates a gentle yet quick + powerful cleanse . We also adore the Corbin Rd Silk Exfoliating Cloths to dry the face with after. Beautiful to use if you aren't doing a full cleanse with the Kabuki + just require a warm water rinse - great in the mornings. 

3. How to use  Wet your Kabuki. Brush it over your Collagen Cleanse Bar to lather + apply to damp skin. Massage the brush in a circular motions around the face + neck. Try to cleanse for a full minute to fully dissolve makeup / sunscreen + build up . Rinse thoroughly.

4. Storage  Place the Collagen Cleanse into its Cleanse Case to ensure that it dries between uses ( this helps the bar last longer ).
Rinse the kabuki brush after each use and gently squeeze out any excess water. Leave to dry lying on its side on a towel, or with the bristles over the edge of the bench.

5. Post-Cleanse  Whilst your skin is damp , apply Collagen + Noni Gel to max out the hydration from your cleanse.

We would love to hear your cleansing tips and if you adore your Adashiko products - please leave a review for others to read all about it! 

Yours in health + beauty