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Tiara Sharpe | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care

FitMiss | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care

 Tell us a typical day in your life.

Life for me at the moment can be a little hectic because I’m training a lot right now in preparation for some upcoming events. On a typical day I wake up around 5.00am, get my things together and squeeze in a workout before the kids get up. Sometimes it’s a run, sometimes it’s the gym. I have two boys (9 and 4), so I’m in the 5.00am workout club because I have to be back in time to get them ready for school and daycare. There’s usually a good handful of morning emails to be done to set up my day before I leave the house. Then I head to one of our isupps stores in either Lower Hutt or Wellington city to start my workday.I spend most of my day running my business and talking to customers in-store with a few business meetings scattered throughout the day. Most people probably assume I spend the majority of my day exercising but I spend most of my time in front of a computer screen answering emails and writing documents when I’m not talking to people about their health & fitness goals.Right now my training schedule is a lot heavier than normal so I train twice a day; the second time being after work and after I’ve done the rounds collecting the kids. I’m training for a few endurance events building up to the Coast to Coast 2018, so my exercise schedule is probably a little excessive compared to most, but it’s all for a purpose and a goal.It’s important to me to make sure I can get as much quality mum-son time as I can with my boys so every spare minute is prioritised to them before they go to bed. I usually close my day out listening to some podcasts, reading or watching 30mins of my favourite TV programme (pretty standard stuff) before going to bed to start it all over again! I’m a bit of a night owl so I have to limit how active I am at night to make sure I get some quality zzzs.


What’s your favourite way to take your Adashiko?

I really like to mix a serving of my Adashiko Collagen Ultra with my Tropical flavoured FitMiss Glutamine because it blends and dissolves perfectly. I have that right before bed to support a slower release while I sleep and while my body is in optimal recovery mode. When my body is really being put through the paces physically with training, I also like to add a serving to my daily smoothies to support a stronger internal recovery.Luci introduced me to the Collagen + Noni topical gel and I have used that every day since – both morning and night before bed. I’m a big fan of noni products anyway and I use that serum religiously on my face. My skin has never been clearer and it always feels soft & smooth, I absolutely love it!


FitMiss Kids | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care


What benefits have you noticed since taking Adashiko regularly?

I’m a massive advocate for the Adashiko products – I was first introduced to the brand by my friend and beauty blogger Victoria Nunns and I haven’t stopped taking them since, I’m hooked! I’ve always had problem skin, not severe acne but with the amount of training and sweating I do I’d experience breakouts often and at 30 I was honestly just over it. I had been told by doctors it was a vitamin D deficiency or a skin reaction but I was supplementing that and all of the skin creams under the sun never really helped consistently. Once I started taking the Collagen Ultra my skin cleared up within a couple of weeks and it’s honestly never been clearer!I meet and talk with new people every day so having clear skin is an amazing confidence booster. As a busy mum, I need my skin routine to be as simple as possible because I don’t have a lot of time and having clear skin makes life so much easier. It also makes prepping for a photo shoot a lot easier as well because I don’t need to be so worried about having a full face of makeup to cover up “imperfections”. Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever been asked for ID at the supermarket more times than at 30, ha ha, so I know it’s helping to tame these wrinkles!In terms of my body, my recovery time after training is a lot faster these days and I 100% put that down to the supplement mix I’m taking. The Collagen has definitely supported my previous injuries and niggles and they haven’t flared up at all this year, despite my training intensity.


Aside from Adashiko, what else do you take to support your healthy lifestyle?

I’ve used a lot of different sports supplements over the years but I love the FitMiss products and have been an ambassador for that brand for years now. I use their whole product line to support a faster recovery after exercise and to help me build or maintain my lean muscle when I’m leaning down. It’s so hard to get all of the essential nutrients we need through whole foods alone so my typical daily supplements include the FitMiss protein, a multivitamin, glutamine, BCAAs, CLAs, and fish oils. I eat a ketogenic diet at the moment so I’m big on making sure I get adequate protein and enough good fats every day so I supplement those in my diet daily to keep me healthy and strong.


How did you get into the fitness industry?

Kind of reluctantly actually, ha ha. I’ve always played sports but it was never my passion. My other half started our first supplement store while I was working as a senior manager for a Government agency. After our second son, I started by MBA and as our company grew it made sense to fully immerse myself in the business. Gradually over the years, I’ve just tried to do more and more to help women on their fitness journeys under the FitMiss NZ umbrella. Health and fitness is something we can all value and appreciate, and if sharing my knowledge can support, motivate, or empower women to smash their goals, then that makes me feel like I’ve done some good in this world.


FitMiss Tyre | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care


What’s your go-to healthy meal?

I would probably have to say homemade Teriyaki glazed Salmon with broccoli, green beans and a good cheese sauce (keto friendly of course these days). That usually hits the spot for me!


You lead a really active, fit lifestyle. What do you like to do to create balance and relax? 

A very good friend of mine got me into Yin Yoga to really help me switch off from the ‘busyness’ of everyday life. But as an active relaxer, I also find bush walks or coastal walks really relaxing and spending that time out and about at a relaxed pace with my children is pure gold to me.


What’s your favourite exercise at the gym?

Favourite exercise would probably be either squats or deadlifts. I love compound movements and feeling strong when I lift some good weight. I find beauty in strength and there’s something really empowering about throwing my headphones on and repping out some good weight. I change up my stances and repetitions to target different muscle groups and over the years squats have really helped me to shape up & tighten my legs and booty – I mean who doesn’t love building a good perky bum!