3 Ways to Boost & Maintain your Collagen Stores

3 Ways to Boost & Maintain your Collagen Stores

We now know that replenishing your collagen stores with a premium pure collagen powder supplement such as Adashiko aids full body health, glowing skin and a youthful healthy appearance. So adding collagen into our skincare routine topically by the way of peptide collagen & amino acids ( which is basically smaller protein molecules for premium absorbency ) is yet another step to ensuing great skin.  

After the age of 25, collagen stores in our body start to deplete ( not just in our skin but everywhere in our body ) this is what we commonly refer to as skin ageing. Collagen is the the very thing that makes a marked difference when those levels are boosted & maintained well.  Environmental aggressors such as UV exposure, pollution, blue light, hormonal factors, stress & an unbalanced lifestyles play a huge role in the breakdown of collagen in our body.

Ageing is of course a fact of life; a gift - yet, it's always nice to know that we can play a role in making this process healthy to not only have a youthful glowing appearance but to know that we are also doing great work for our gut health, joint regeneration as well as a host of other benefits. 

Collagen-infused skincare

Thats right! Although the benefits of ingesting collagen is the absolute best method to ensure glowing results for skin, applying Collagen topically yields excellent results too! The cherry on top! When applied to the skin Collagen acts as a humectant, which meaning it is a water-loving ingredients that draws moisture into the top layer of skin & possibly down to the dermis keeping the skin hydrated. 

When looking at collagen in skincare using products like Adashiko which has  Peptide Collagen is essential. This smaller molecular weight of the amino acids & peptides can be successfully ( & no doubt gratefully ) absorbed by the skin. These beauty gems, encourage your skin to the process of collagen synthesis, are also anti-inflammatory as well as having mega hydrating benefits also. 

Our favourite collagen-infused skincare include the cult-like-status Collagen + Noni Gel, Collagen Hydra+ Gold Serum and the much loved best-seller Collagen Gel Masques. Peptide Collagen can also be found in our Collagen Cleanse & Collagen Balm 

Beware of brands that state they are a collagen skincare, many are just collagen boosting & do not actually contain collagen, check the ingredient list.

Getting your vitamins!

Including other additions like Vitamin A (Retinol) & Vitamin C really assists also in stimulating collagen production. These products help with a increasing cell turnover, producing younger looking skin. 

Retinol is key for hyperpigmentation, dark spots, helps speed up healing, prevents breakouts and aids in hydration. Used in combination with antioxidant queen Vitamin C, which protects skin from damaging free radicals. Vitamin C also promotes your skins collagen production, turning on the fibroblast cells whose job it is to create collagen.

Both assist collagen peptides & amino acids in giving you firm, bright & hydrated skin ; ' the glow! '

 Sunscreen, sunscreen, SUNSCREEN!

The single most important beauty product that you should be using daily ; rain or shine, it's an absolute non-negotiable. If you are doing all the great things of stimulating your collagen production by ingesting a quality collagen & applying amazing products topically, you need then need to ensure that you are protecting all this good work. UV rays breakdown collagen stores rapidly, so fight the good fight with a decent (tested to standard) SPF! And in exciting news, we are very near to the release of a very special Broad Spectrum SPF 50 formulation which has been tested to global standards and to reach NZ/Australia SPF testing standards. And we can not wait to introduce it to you!

Yours in health + beauty