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Collagen Ultra Boxed | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care
Collagen Ultra Unboxed | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care
Collagen Ultra Heaped | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care

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Treat your skin premium class

Packed with additional ingredients to nourish the skin and body, Adashiko Ultra is a super supplement that replenishes and boosts natural collagen production. Adashiko Ultra also provides superior antioxidant and anti-aging support for the whole body.  Daily use of Adashiko Ultra promotes all-over strength, elasticity, and anti-aging. 

Adashiko products are manufactured to the highest possible quality and contain 100% natural peptide collagen. Japanese made peptide collagen, known as super collagen, is the finest in the world. With an advanced low molecular weight of 3000 Daltons, Adashiko is the best-absorbed version of collagen available, making it highly dissolvable with no taste or odour.

Collagen with antioxidant and anti-aging support

+ Hyaluronic Acid

is found naturally in almost every human cell. It binds to water for optimal hydration levels in the skin and increased lubrication for all movable parts of the body.

+ Vitamin C
is an essential antioxidant that supports a healthy body and immune system. Vitamin C is also crucial for collagen absorption and production.

+ Co Q10
is a powerful antioxidant that boosts energy, supports the entire body, and helps to generate collagen and elastin fibres.

+ Elastin
is a protein that gives full body elasticity, firmness, and resilience.

| Benefits

High potency, maximum results

  • Replenishes and boosts collagen levels in the body.
  • Provides multidimensional support for full body health, strength and elasticity.
  • Supports joints, ligaments, and cartilage for greater mobility and flexibility. Increases lubrication in all movable parts of the body.
  • Creates firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin, with boosted hydration levels.
  • Increases collagen production and protects the body with additional antioxidant support.
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.
  • Strengthens and fortifies hair, skin, and nails.
  • Encourages recovery after sport, exercise, injury, and surgery.
  • Supports lean muscle mass and weight loss due to its satiating effect.
  • Promotes healthy digestion and heals the gut lining.

| Ingredients

Collagen with antioxidant and anti-aging support

100% Pure Peptide Collagen (Porcine), Hyaluronic Acid, Coenzyme Q10, Elastin, Vitamin C.

Adashiko is a health and beauty supplement. Mix into any hot or cool food or liquid.

Dissolve two scoops (5000mg/5g) into hot or cold liquids or food.

Caution: Please consult your healthcare professional before taking any dietary supplement if you’re pregnant or on any medication. Supplements do not replace a balanced diet. Always read the label and use as directed. Store below 30 degrees in a dry place.

| Nutritional Information

Per Serving Per Container
Energy 19kcal 100% Peptide Collagen - 5000mg
Sodium 4.65gm Hyaluronic Acid - 60mg
Carbohydrate 0.12g Coenzyme Q10 - 10mg
Fat 0.01g Elastin - 10mg
Vitamin C - 50mg


Collagen Ultra Boxed | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care
Collagen Ultra Unboxed | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care
Collagen Ultra Heaped | Adashiko Collagen | 100% Natural Skin Care

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

My daughter recommended the Adashiko Brand as there are many on the market it would seem and WOW my hairdresser said to me the other day OMG Anna what have you been doing all this new hair plus my skin on my face seems to be clearer, less lined and good colour

Nail goals!

Within a week my nails were growing and my skin was glowing! Awesome results. 💕

Game changer

I am firm believer in "eat your way beautiful" and this product is case and point for this saying. I have been using Adashiko Collagen Ultra since the start of this year. I simply add a scoop into my smoothie each morning and in just 6 months I have noticed the lines around my eyes soften, my cheeks feel tighter and my skin resembles a natural glow. This product has also impacted my muscle recovery. I run around 50-70km a week and I used to have trouble sleeping with sore muscles but since taking this product I no longer deal with muscle aches and bounce back into fitness much quicker. I cannot recommend this product more highly. Compared to expensive skin products which certainly are no guarantee, this is a well-priced one-stop-shop for health and beauty. As I said in my title it has been a game changer for me. Very appreciative x

Thank you so much

I just wanted to say how amazing your product is. Firstly the fact that the pigs are free range and are a by product - limiting waste! Until 12 months ago my skin was fine, I had the occasional pimple, but I was lucky enough to not really worry about it. Around November last year my skin, especially on my cheek bone area flared up. I had large red pimple like spots however when squeezed nothing came out. I changed my diets in multiple ways to see if that was related however it was not until I decided to try a new day moisturiser that they soon began to disappear. My skin however, was so scared. I don’t wear makeup and never did during this period however the idea to cover the scars up was tempting. Then I heard about Adashiko. I am yet to finish my first container of Adashiko Ultra but my skin has never looked better. The scars are gone except for one, which I am sure will soon go. I have no flare ups anymore, it is amazing! I have not changed anything else in my lifestyle except for adding this to my daily routine. I know you recommend at least 3 months before noticing changes, however, if these are the results now (less than a month) I cannot wait to see how my skin will look in 3 months time.
Thank you so much again!

I would recommend this product to anyone

I started using Adashiko collagen in November 2013 and after only two weeks I started seeing the wrinkles (laughing lines) around my eyes softening. I also had two deep frown lines between my eyebrows which started softening. After just a month the frown lines had disappeared. I was absolutely astounded by the fast results. I have been using this amazing product now for 4 months and I have healthy smooth plumper skin, my nails are strong and so is my hair. Stretch marks are visibly lighter. The results are not only cosmetic as I have discovered that I can run a substantial distance without pain. Previous to using Adashiko I could not do any running exercise without experiencing a lot pain. I haven’t experienced any negative side effects and would recommend this product to anyone

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